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Aerial view of Bodrum Beach, in Bodrum, Turkey.

Turkish hotel won’t let two men share a room but will give straight couples ‘tantra sofas’

5 breathtaking LGBT-friendly travel destinations for summer 2021

5 irresistible reasons why Malta should be top of your LGBT+ travel list


Sunny, historic Malta is the perfect place for LGBT+ travellers planning a post-lockdown escape

P&O LGBT+ Pride cruise ship

P&O Australia to launch first ever LGBT+ Pride cruise, and it sounds fabulous

Rosalynne Montoya is a model, TikToker, makeup artist and content creator. (RosalynneMontoya/TikTok)

Trans woman shares ‘immense anxiety’ she feels going through airport security: ‘The system is broken’

Canadian flag

This is why Canada is one of the world’s most LGBT-friendly destinations

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World theme park finally opens and it’s like every gamer’s Christmas just came early

Kristen Gray and Saundra Alexander smile tot he camera with their dog

Queer influencer Kristen Gray who was ridiculed after promoting Bali as LGBT-friendly to be deported

Flight forced to divert when woman goes on drunk, homophobic rant

Plane forced to land early after woman became so homophobic the pilot feared passengers were in danger

Black queer travel guide project wants to make travelling safer while building bridges across the diaspora

Jan Morris trans writer dies

‘Extraordinary, trailblazing and inspiring’ trans writer and historian Jan Morris has died, aged 94

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