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Man dies after falling from tenth floor of gay cruise ship

Man dies after falling from tenth floor of a gay cruise ship while docked in Puerto Rico

Tim Wright, based in London, England, booked flights to meet a date from Grindr and people had no choice but to applaud him. (Tim Wright)

This guy booked a flight to meet a Grindr guy before even knowing his name and people have thoughts

South Korea to decide whether trans soldier will be allowed to serve in landmark ruling

South Korea to decide whether trans soldier will be allowed to serve her country in landmark ruling

Gay bars in Puerto Vallarta's La Zona Romantica

Beach clubs, drag shows and tranquil relaxation: Why Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta is the perfect queer winter sun getaway

LGBT travel

These are the 150 best and worst countries for LGBT travel, ranked

Bali gay villa

Bali guesthouses investigated by authorities for ‘catering to gays’ and ‘tainting’ island’s reputation

Why Thailand is the perfect lesbian holiday destination

Why Thailand makes for a dream lesbian holiday: A queer guide to Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi

MDL Beast, Saudi Arabia

Influencers facing immense backlash for promoting Saudi Arabia music festival despite horrific treatment of queer people

Rail travel

Lesbian couple asked to ‘prove’ their marriage is real in order to buy a train ticket

Josh Rimer and his fiance Heath were told to take their booking elsewhere

Hilton offers free wedding to gay couple who faced homophobia at rival Marriott

Honeymoon cruise

Gay couple heartbroken after their honeymoon cruise is ruined by ‘nightmare’ staff who ‘pointed and laughed at’ them

Rev. Fred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas holds a 'God Hates Fags' sign

The government is actually offering to pay people to live near homophobic hate group Westboro Baptist Church

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