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Black trans man Mel Groves died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Student shot dead is 39th trans person violently killed in the US this year. His name was Mel Groves

Labour's shadow equalities minister is "greatly concerned" by the LGB Alliance

Labour shadow equalities minister Taiwo Owatemi systematically condemns LGB Alliance

Parents protest against anti trans legislation in texas

Proud parents of trans kids on the emotional, mental and financial costs of fighting transphobia

Dave Chappelle's special The Closer is still being defended by Netflix.

Netflix CEO says transphobia on-screen ‘doesn’t translate to real-world harm’. He’s wrong

Dave Chappelle

Netflix’s ‘home of LGBT+ storytelling’ breaks silence on Dave Chappelle. It didn’t go down well

trans police officer

Counter-terrorism probe launched after trans police officer gets ‘two million hate comments’

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne defends decision to play queer-coded role in Cabaret revival

Greens' co-leader Patrick Harvie said Stonewall is being targeted for supporting trans rights.

Minister explains ugly truth about ‘opportunistic hate campaign’ against LGBT+ charity Stonewall

Dave Chappelle

Trans comedians explain why Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special is so infuriating and degrading

The trade union for UK academics has issued a statement in the row over anti-trans professor Kathleen Stock

Calls for major inquiry into ‘bullying of people who speak on gender issues’ welcomed by trans folk

National Coming Out Day: 'The best part of coming out is the freedom.'

Proud gay, trans man and father shares empowering coming out story: ‘The freedom is the best part’

A still from Dave Chappelle's special The Closer on Netflix

Dave Chappelle defended by family of late trans comedian: ‘Why would we be offended?’

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