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Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill

Problematic YouTuber Trisha Paytas says she ‘can’t wait to get pregnant’ after kissing Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband

Logan Paul responded to the rumoured sex tape

Logan Paul responds to rumours of ‘leaked gay sex tape’

YouTube harassment policies

YouTube finally updates harassment policies to protect LGBT people after months of controversy

Alan Keyes

TV homophobe and former adviser to Ronald Reagan peddles drinking bleach as a cure for HIV, STIs and disabilities

EastSiders creator Kit Williamson: Queer TV ‘saved my life’

EastSiders creator Kit Williamson: Queer TV ‘saved my life’

Gay man Maxim Pankratov

Gay man in hiding from Russian police after explaining sexuality to kids in innocent viral video

Tati Westbrook breaks silence on James Charles, asks for ‘hate to stop’

James Charles says ‘disgusting’ Tati Westbrook drama implies ‘gay men are all predatory’

Trans comedian Anaya Sheikh was allegedly abused by ants-trans YouTubers during a set in Pakistan. (Instagram)

Trans comedian left ‘shivering’ after being heckled on-stage and called a ‘shemale’ by YouTube pranksters

Gay man Maxim Pankratov

Russian man receives death threats after ‘gay propaganda’ video of kids asking innocent questions about his sexuality

Transgender YouTuber Hannah Phillips

Teenage transgender YouTuber shares vile death threats she receives every single day

YouTuber Tyree Williams, also known as Tai Couture, has died by suicide

Beloved gay YouTuber dies by suicide following battle with depression

Jeffree Star

Make-up artist Jeffree Star is involved in YouTube drama… again

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