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‘He knew I wasn’t out to my mum’: Whistleblower Shahmir Sanni breaks down in tears over outing by Theresa May’s aide

Chelsea Manning to give first TV interview to ABC’s Nightline

Chelsea Manning reveals new pic of herself after prison release ‘so here I am’

Chelsea Manning sentenced to solitary confinement over suicide attempt

Jailed whistleblower Chelsea Manning ‘will be allowed gender surgery behind bars’ after hunger strike protest

Chelsea Manning could face decades of solitary confinement after suicide attempt

Chelsea Manning denied access to legal counsel after hospitalisation, say attorneys

Trans whistleblower Chelsea Manning releases her own podcast from prison

US Government: It’s a ‘security risk’ to let Chelsea Manning grow her hair, but we can’t tell you why

Chelsea Manning ‘forced to cut hair short’ by military

Chelsea Manning found guilty of ‘infractions’ over expired toothpaste

Wikileaks upset after secret spy report dismissed online as ‘fake and gay’

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