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Biden supporters celebrate in the street singing YMCA, reclaiming the gay anthem from soon-to-be former president Trump

Village People Donald Trump

Donald Trump to be sued for using Village People’s YMCA – which definitely isn’t about gay sex – without permission

Some of the queer moments that defined the 2020 election

8 landmark LGBT+ moments that defined the 2020 presidential election

7 Trump attacks on trans lives that a Biden presidency could make right

The major difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump summed up in two simple tweets

Donald Trump YMCA

Donald Trump drops bizarre supercut of him dancing to Village People’s YMCA – a song that’s definitely, definitely not about gay sex

Don Lemon and Mary Trump. (Screen capture via Facebook)

Mary Trump eviscerates her uncle Donald’s Village People ‘dancing’ and Don Lemon can’t handle it

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper looking like he’s having an out of body experience while ‘Macho Man’ interrupts a live Trump rally report is truly all of us

Village People star threats to sue anyone who says YMCA is about gay sex

Village People star insists that YMCA is not about ‘illicit gay sex’ and threatens to sue anyone who says it is

US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Minden-Tahoe airport in Minden, Nevada on September 12, 2020.

Donald Trump refuses to stop playing the Village People’s gay anthem Macho Man to the confusion of – well, everyone

Andrew Lloyd Webber streaming musicals coronavirus

Andrew Lloyd Webber orders Donald Trump campaign to stop playing Cats classic Memory at rallies

MAGA supporters changed the lyrics to "YMCA" and it's as haunting as you might suspect. We recommend not watching it. Don't. Please, save yourselves from the horror. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Trump supporters are singing ‘MAGA’ to the tune of YMCA because truly nothing is sacred anymore

Village People tell Donald Trump to stop playing their music at rallies

The Village People are absolutely fine with Donald Trump using gay anthem Macho Man at rallies

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