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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungary pushes ahead with shameless, horrific attacks on same-sex adoption and trans kids

MEP and top Viktor Orbàn ally arrested at sex party hailed as ‘new Hungarian gay icon’ in stunning street mural

David Manzheley

Host of raucous gay sex party, where Viktor Orbán’s top ally was arrested, is a ‘wanted man’ in Poland

Jozsef Szajer: Viktor Orbán disowns ally arrested at a gay sex party

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is incandescent with rage over a top ally being arrested at a raucous gay sex party

Jozsef Szajer: Hungarian MEP resigns after arrest at gay sex party

Hungarian MEP and top Viktor Orbán ally resigns after being arrested at raucous gay sex party

Hungarian court to decide whether cruel and chilling law erasing trans people is constitutional


Hungary makes terrifying moves to ban same-sex adoption, claiming it’s ‘become necessary’ due to coronavirus

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban lashed out at the book

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban demands gay people ‘leave our children alone’ in sinister attack on lesbian Cinderella book

Viktor Orbán

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán launches scathing new attack on queer people at an event to mark the end of World War One

Hungarian trans couple Tamara Csillag and Elvira Angyal

Hungarian trans couple describe living in limbo after government legally erases them

Merritt Corrigan Trump

New Trump appointee thinks America is in the clutches of a ‘homo-empire’ that pushes a ‘tyrannical LGBT+ agenda’


One year on since being trans was declassified as a mental disorder, here’s 75 times trans rights took a step backwards

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