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A photo of transgender veteran and author Brynn Tannehill.

Transgender Navy pilot destroys arguments against trans athletes

100-year-old World War II veteran celebrates 25 years with his husband

Senator John McCain backs fresh effort to block Trump transgender ban

You have to read Iraq war hero Tammy Duckworth’s powerful takedown of Trump transgender ban

WWII veteran comes out as transgender aged 90: ‘I’ve known since I was 3’

Gay vet honourably discharged after 70 years: ‘I can go to my grave with my head held high’

91-year-old gay veteran finally granted honourable discharge, 70 years on from homophobic dismissal

This veteran’s selfie sends a pretty powerful message

‘Who the f**k are you?’ Larry Kramer tears into ‘crazies’ boycotting Stonewall film

US: Illinois lawsuit plaintiffs finally marry after 51 years together

US: Idaho veteran might finally get permission to be buried with her wife after marriage ban ruling

US: Idaho man donates cemetary plot, so lesbian veteran can be buried next to her wife

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