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That Vegan Teacher real name Kadie Karen Diekmeyer

Banned vegan TikToker complains ‘veganphobia is real’ – after comparing animal rights to coming out as LGBT+

that vegan teacher tiktok side by side

‘Animal rights activist’ thinks coming out as vegan is ‘much more special’ than coming out as LGBT+. Seriously

Trump-supporting vegan cafe declares itself a 'straight safe space'

Trump-supporting vegan cafe declares itself a ‘straight safe space’ after hurling slurs at LGBT+ customers

Mexico LGBT: A very queer art scene is thriving across the country

A very queer and very vibrant art scene is thriving across Mexico

Vegetarian food company’s new ad condemned for suggesting being queer is a ‘lifestyle choice’

A screenshot from an advert by PETA about how going vegan can make you last longer during sex

PETA wants you to go vegan to last longer in bed

TV host Piers Morgan arrives to BritWeek 2012's "Evening with Piers Morgan" on May 4, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California

Piers Morgan says Greggs should have gender fluid name

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby will be ‘gender-fluid vegan,’ says Piers Morgan

Vegan group says ‘chemical pollutants’ make people gay and transgender – and gets destroyed

Exclusive: Courtney Act defends Robbie Turner fatal Uber crash claims amid rife speculation

YouTuber who said veganism was a cure for homosexuality and cancer dies from cancer

Katie Hopkins and Caroline Lucas break into row about ‘vegan lesbians’

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