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Video: US radio host says the New Yorker ‘promoted child abuse’ with Bert and Ernie equal marriage cover

Cher: The demise of DOMA ‘was amazing but it should never have even been a law’

Poll: US support for equal marriage at record high in wake of Supreme Court rulings

US radio host: Children ‘suffer the most’ from equal marriage Supreme Court rulings

Gay binational couple in the US first to receive confirmation of green card approval after DOMA ruling

US: Iowa Governor: My state will ‘live with’ the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and 700 employees join gay pride parade in San Francisco

US: Court gives green light to allow same-sex weddings to resume immediately in California

US: First weddings take place as same-sex marriages allowed to resume in California

Prop 8 supporters accuse court of ‘lawlessness’ for allowing resume of same-sex weddings

The New Yorker features Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie celebrating Supreme Court equal marriage rulings

President Obama: Same-sex marriages should be recognised across all American states

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