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Freddie Mercury: Elton John tells tearful story about singer's final days

Elton John shares tear-jerking story about Freddie Mercury’s final days

Jessica Butcher, freshly appointed EHRC commissioner. (Screen capture via YouTube)

New British equalities commissioner has a chilling history of attacking fundamental human rights movements

John Cleese declares he’s ‘proud’ to stand alongside JK Rowling

John Cleese says he ‘identifies’ as a ‘Cambodian police woman’ as he doubles down on his support for JK Rowling

Connor Scothern. (West Midlands Police)

Neo-Nazi teen planning to wage a ‘holy war’ against Black people, Jews and the LGBT+ community has sentence halved

Lesbian couples are still significantly more likely than gay men to get divorced, new data suggests.

Married lesbian couples are significantly more likely to get divorced than gay men, data shows

Gonorrhoea cases at their highest level in the UK since records began

Yes, the government’s new lockdown rules are going to affect your sex life. Here’s how

Nigel Farage fawning over Donald Trump is a cautionary tale about toxic stan culture going way too far

RuPaul looking shocked

The first guest judge for Drag Race UK season two just announced herself – and we’re gagging

TikTok trans content

TikTok announces outright ban on conversion therapy content. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson dithers and delays

Sam Smith: Non-binary star worried they'll be misgendered till they die

Sam Smith says body dysmorphia helped them realise they are non-binary: ‘I am a shape-shifter’

Sam Smith not treated equally by the media after Big Night In performance

Sam Smith says they were ‘chucked off’ Hinge for looking too much like Sam Smith

Sir Elton John

Elton John tears into ‘failure’ of UK churches to tackle ‘ticking timebomb’ of spiritual abuse against LGBT+ people

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