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Amid the coronavirus lockdown measures, a gay couple re-created the 1993 Jurassic Park film trailer shot for shot, with their french bulldog, Yolk. (Screen capture via Twitter)

This gay couple and their dog spent their weekend staying home, saving lives and hilariously recreating Jurassic Park

Chris Evans in the 2005 film Fantastic Four apparently lit a fire for many a queer man, apparently. (IMDb/Twentieth Century Fox)

Queer men are sharing the celebs who first made them realise they were gay – and it’s a blast from the past

In news you simply had to read 300 words on because you clicked this link, former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has shaved his head. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Pete Buttigieg proves his gay credentials by shaving his head during quarantine

Comedian Tess Gattuso broke down what having a "gay best friend" is like for her in a clip that proves they gays truly do not deserve rights. Not one bit, nope. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Comedian reveals what having a ‘gay best friend’ is really like: ‘They’re mean and obsessed with squatting’

Lil Nas X in an orange leopard print suit

Lil Nas X bravely comes out as heterosexual… on April Fool’s Day

Stop the clocks, cut off the telephone, because Lindsay Lohan is back to save us all from coronavirus lockdown fatigue

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart kiss on the red carpet and we are so full of emotion right now. (Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

A murder mystery starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen would be the best thing to get us through lockdown

Reddit relationships open marriage

Guy in an open relationship has the absolute worst reaction to his wife getting a girlfriend

Boris Johnson has coronavirus and everyone is making the same point

Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus and people are making the same point about Princess Diana

Joe Wiecha, scouting for pals in the new city he calls home, encountered judgement from a Grindr user. (Twitter/Joe Wiecha)

Gay man shamed by Grindr troll because he was only looking for friends and we can’t roll our eyes back any further

Piers Morgan made a fisting joke about the Walmart coronavirus licker

Piers Morgan couldn’t resist making a fisting joke about the guy licking supermarket shelves to mock coronavirus

Gran who crocheted Pride blanket for granddaughter dies of coronavirus

Legendary grandma who crocheted a Pride blanket for her granddaughter when she came out dies of coronavirus

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