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Kim Cattrall: Liverpool's Cleopatra. (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

This story about Kim Cattrall declaring herself ‘Liverpool’s Cleopatra’ on a gravestone is going viral – for obvious reasons

Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle found her passport and is going into I’m A Celebrity – and gay Twitter has already lost it

Reality TV personality Jax Taylor. (Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Chevrolet Volt)

Reality star’s justification for homophobia is so bad we rolled our eyes so hard they came out of our sockets

Powerful video shows gay high school teen Jordan Steffy confronting his homophobic bully

Powerful video shows gay high school teen confronting his homophobic bully

If you need a moment of brevity from rainbow poppy discourse, this viral tweet about a Lego poppy should do the trick

'Tis the season when Robert Dyas' iconic advert comes to a Twitter timeline near you. (Screen capture via YouTube)

That bizarre gay Robert Dyas advert is back and we can officially confirm Christmas season has begun

A queer woman responded to an alleged homophobe in a way that Twitter can't agree on. (JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images)

A queer woman fought back against a homophobe in a way that’s tearing LGBT Twitter apart

This guy’s gay uncle was told by doctors he wouldn’t make it past 30. He just celebrated his 60th birthday

Katie Hopkins of Rebel Media speaks at Politicon

Katie Hopkins’ feeble attempt at a takedown of a trans cricket player backfired on an epic scale

A video of a man passionately kissing someone during the New York City marathon has gone viral. (Screen captures via Twitter)

These two men who kiss during a gruelling marathon are absolute couple goals

Disney Channel star Joshua Rush jokingly announced his decision to run for US president. (Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Bisexual Disney star Joshua Rush joked about running for president but fans don’t think it’s a bad idea

People have finally realised what *that* Britney Spears tweet was about. (Getty)

People just found out what a bizarre decade-old Britney Spears tweet about global warming means

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