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Twitch booth at the E3 show in 2016

Twitch sues two trolls for ‘targeting Black and LGBT+ streamers’ in ongoing war against hate raids

Twitch streamer BiggusBennus

New pricing means Twitch streamers must work long hours or lose money – and they’re not happy

Twitch streamer Amouranth

Top streamer Amouranth has no time for vile, abusive, sexist trolls and destroys them with a single word

Furry VTuber Twitch streamer Buffpup on Fox News

Fox 5 New York had a CGI furry VTuber called Buffpup explain Twitch hate raids. Yes, really

TimTheTatman and DrLupo leave Twitch for YouTube

Twitch hit by hate raid protests as it loses big name streamers to YouTube – are its days numbered?

Twitch #ADayOffTwitch campaign

#ADayOffTwitch protest against homophobic hate raids causes viewer numbers to plummet

Twitch and streamer RekItRaven

Homophobic hate raids are tearing Twitch apart, but one streamer is determined ‘change will happen’

Twitch streamer Sodapoppin

Tone-deaf Twitch streamer says he doesn’t ‘get’ why it’s important to be an LGBT+ ally

Asmongold belittles #ADayOffTwitch campaign

Twitch streamer and ‘professional neckbeard’ refuses to step up as LGBT+ ally: ‘Nobody gives a f**k’

MidBoss Season of Pride

LGBT+ Twitch streamers raise a record-breaking $30,000 for charity in Midboss Season of Pride event

Twitch streamers urge others to quit the platform for a day to protest transphobic and other abuse

Streamers urge a one-day Twitch boycott in protest against racist and transphobic ‘hate raids’

Twitch hate raids increasing

Twitch urged to ‘do better’ after spate of racist, homophobic and transphobic ‘hate raids’

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