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Twitch Pride

Twitch accused of rainbow capitalism and told to ‘up their game’ after Pride Month merch falls flat

Cribazz Twitch Partner

Twitch partner banned for targeting drag streamer with vile homophobic and transphobic abuse

Twitch tags

Twitch streamers celebrate as brand-new transgender tag goes live: ‘I’m happy it’s finally here’

insuperable itsrachryan Twitch

Twitch partner banned after making vile, misogynistic, body-shaming insults against female streamer

Alinity Twitch streamer

Twitch streamer Alinity files police report after fans show up at her house: ‘So f**king scary’

Twitch otter

Otters dominate Twitch’s brand new hot tub category – no, not that kind

SPACE Twitch streamer

Twitch star apologises for transphobic stream title: ‘I know this hurt people and that’s on me’

Twitch tags Nikatine

‘We’ve finally made it’: Streamers ecstatic as Twitch finally add transgender tag – and hundreds more

Amouranth demonetized

Top hot tub streamer Amouranth demonetised on Twitch without warning as she’s ‘not advertiser friendly’

OmegaPro Twitch streamer

Twitch streamer OmegaPro pleads for reform of copyright rules after ‘impossible’ ban

ExoHydraX Twitch

Black streamer banned for hot tub stream ‘twerking’ accuses Twitch of racism

Elf Cosmetics ELFYOU

Drag streamer reads Elf Cosmetics to filth after disastrous, ‘offensive’ Twitch make-up stream

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