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Beauty influencer Lady Samara goes on anti gay rant

Beauty influencer insists she has ‘lots of gay fans’ after calling queer people ‘mentally sick perverts’. Sure, Jan

The men have both been jailed for two years

Two men jailed under Tunisia’s archaic sodomy laws after refusing torturous, debunked anal probes to ‘check their sexuality’

Tunisian government emphatically denies they recognise same-sex marriage and want you to know they still hate gay people


Tunisia just became the first Arab country to recognise same-sex marriage – but there’s a catch

Coronavirus trapping LGBT people with abusive families in the Middle East

Coronavirus lockdown is trapping queer people with abusive families in the Middle East

Tunisian lawyer Mounir Baatour, president of Association Shams, which supports the depenalization of homosexuality in Tunisia

Gay Tunisian politician Mounir Baatour is running for President

Two men were jailed under the archaic sodomy laws in Tunisia

Tunisian man who reported rape and robbery is imprisoned for gay sex

Doctor puts on a glove

Anal tests could finally be banned in Tunisia

Tunisia’s president wants to decriminalise homosexuality

Call Me by Your Name

Tunisian government bans Call Me By Your Name

Tunisian police violently break up protest against anti-LGBT law

LGBT radio station launches in Tunisia despite fear of violence

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