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New Zealand trans woman evicted

Woman kicked out of her home with just three hours notice for being trans

Protect trans kids sign

Teen told she can undergo life-saving hormone therapy after court overrules mum’s attempt to block her transition

One trans academic's mission not to be deadnamed in her own research

A trans academic asked her publishers to change her name on her past works. They all refused

Georgie Stone Neighbours

Trans Neighbours star Georgie Stone says surgery ‘won’t make her character Mackenzie a girl because she already is’ 

YouGov polling on attitudes towards transgender people is dehumanising

Dear cis people: Your dehumanising opinions on trans rights are not more important than trans people’s lives

Trevi Moran came out as trans in a touching YouTube vlog. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Former X Factor star and YouTuber Trevi Moran comes out as trans in poignant video 14 years in the making

Transgender Flag

What does trans mean and what is non-binary? Here’s how you can be respectful of transgender identities

Meet the identical transgender twins who transitioned at the same time

Meet the transgender identical twins who were brought closer together by transitioning together

Catholic college responds to trans man coming out with 'brilliant' support

Catholic college responds to trans man coming out with ‘brilliant’ show of love and support

trans son

Dad throws trans son a party to celebrate his transition and it’s the light we need in this dark, dark world

Monty Python star Terry Gilliam

Monty Python star Terry Gilliam claims he’s a ‘black lesbian in transition’ in feeble attempt to defend white male privilege

Trans woman

Trans woman raised on ‘boxing and bikes’ comes out to her bodybuilder dad and is overwhelmed by the support

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