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Transgender dad who gave birth pre and post transition reveals which was better

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Pregnant transgender man plans to raise genderless child with two mothers

Chay Reed, the ninth trans black woman to be killed this year in America

Family of murdered trans woman make heartbreaking appeal for information

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This Christian transgender 10-year-old on Good Morning Britain revelled in Piers Morgan’s absence

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Transgender woman who was found hanged to death ‘hid problems from everyone’, says heartbroken mum

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These historic adverts made specially for Pride will make you cry

Dance Jelanii Kabita was abandoned by family who did not understand his trans identity

This trans dancer has an important message of acceptance for parents of LGBT children

This video of parents and their trans children reading affirmations will make you tear up

You have to read this beautiful letter written by a mother about her trans daughter

Family arrested over ‘magic genie’ transgender penis scam

Texas lawmaker wants to force teachers to ‘out’ LGBT students to parents

Anti-LGBT Christians defending family who want to ‘cure’ their transgender son

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