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Free Syiaah

Trans woman locked up in men’s prison victim of ‘brutal, senseless violence’ from prison staff and inmates alike

White House: Detaining trans women in men's prison 'cruel punishment'

White House says putting trans inmates in the wrong prisons is ‘cruel and unusual punishment’

A trans man held in women's prisons on making changes from the inside

Trans man forced to endure horrific conditions in women’s prison explains why it’s vital we start reinvesting in inmates

Legal fight to hold trans women in men's prisons backed by anti-trans org

Inmate launches legal bid to force trans women into men’s prisons after claiming she was sexually assaulted

Trans woman harassed and misgendered in jail secures vital reforms for trans prisoners in landmark settlement

Trans prisoners: 11 trans woman sexually assaulted in prison last year

Ministry of Justice dispels bigoted myths around trans prisoners and sexual assault with cold, hard and indisputable facts

No, Rory Stewart, transgender prisoners aren't "raping female prison staff"

Ministry of Justice categorically denies Rory Stewart’s preposterous claim that trans prisoners are ‘raping female prison staff’

Trump-appointed Judge Kyle Duncan of US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to use the inmates correct name and pronouns

Trump-appointed judge rules trans people do not have the right to be referred to by correct pronouns

The prison where Oscar Wilde served time for gay sex is for sale

Nine out of 10 trans inmates are in the wrong prison for their gender

Task force will examine prison conditions for trans people after death of sex worker

Senator Kamala Harris, who has faced criticism for her treatment of transgender prisoners, speaks to reporters following a closed briefing on intelligence matters on Capitol Hill on December 4 2018 in Washington, DC

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris probed over trans rights record

Demonstrators lay roses on a rainbow flag as they protest over an alleged Chechnya anti-gay purge outside the Russian Embassy in London on June 2, 2017.

American Medical Association to support LGBT paid parental leave and better treatment of trans prisoners

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