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Labour MP Nadia Whittome backed the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights

Labour MP Nadia Whittome on the urgent need for trans allyship: ‘There is no LGB without the T’

Jeffrey Marsh, Asifa Lahore and Chiyo Gomes

Trans Joy: 3 trans people share powerful, personal moments of gender euphoria

Billboard reading "trans lives are precious" in Texas

‘Trans lives are precious’ billboards light up Texas after wave of hurtful transphobia

Billy Porter's gender identity and gender expression sometimes differ

Everything you need to know about gender identity vs gender expression this Trans Awareness Week

10 brilliant, bold and brave trans people who made waves in 2021

Bobbi Pickard at the London Stock Exchange

History made as out trans person closes London Stock Exchange for the first time in its 200 years

Bullied for being LGBT+, Charlie is now proudly out as a trans man

I was bullied relentlessly before coming out as trans. Now, I’m helping kids become allies

The number five with the colours of the trans Pride flag

5 meaningful ways you can show up for trans people this Trans Awareness Week – and beyond

Trans people at work: Ki Griffin and Jules Guaitamacchi share their stories

Loud and proud trans trailblazers on thriving and celebrating transness in a cis-dominated world

11 out, proud and influential transgender politicians making waves in 2020

11 out, proud and influential transgender politicians making waves in 2020

Meet the trans trailblazers making a difference in 2020: We Exist

Waiting times for trans healthcare are spiralling out of control. So these activists decided to take matters into their own hands

Comments on Lily Allen’s post about Trans Awareness Week show exactly why we need it

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