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Protestor holds 'Trans Lives Matter' placard

Cruel lawmakers ring in 2022 with swathe of ‘dangerous’ anti-trans bills across the US

Lia Thomas of the Pennsylvania Quakers shakes hands with a competitor

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas sharing glory with trans man flips hateful double standard on its head

Kumi Yokoyama appears in a red Washington Spirit uniform while warming up for a match against the Houston Dash

Trans footballer Kumi Yokoyama opens up about ‘miracle’ response after his momentous coming out

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has broken United States records

Protesting trans athletes isn’t about fairness or safety. It’s about transphobia

Darcy Vescio is the seconf Australian footballer to come out as non-binary

‘Superstar’ footballer Darcy Vescio comes out as non-binary, prompting wave of love and support

Tom Daley holding up a Merry Christmas jumper

Tom Daley urges UK to embrace trans people in Christmas message: ‘There is no LGB without the T’

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has won in two races against Harvard

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas smashes two United States women’s records

Caitlyn Jenner

6 toe-curling times Caitlyn Jenner proved representation isn’t everything

Trans athletes like Laurel Hubbard will be impacted by the new policy

Olympics committee drops restrictions on trans athletes – but sports free to set own rules

Lisa Stanton and her daughter smile during an interview for KPRC Click2Houston

Proud mum of trans girl vows to sue state of Texas: ‘I’m showing my child that she’s not powerless’

side by side images of Washington Spirit's Kumi Yokoyama and then an image of Kumi proposing to their girlfriend

Trans footballer Kumi Yokoyama shares beautiful stadium proposal: ‘She said yes!’

trans tennessee

Trans 14-year-old bravely takes on Tennessee lawmakers for ‘excluding him from society’

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