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Egypt: Police are using Grindr to hunt, imprison and torture LGBT people

Egyptian police are using Grindr to hunt and imprison queer people. Once behind bars, it only gets worse from there

Prime Minister Johnson Speaks At Convention of the North In South Yorkshire

Religious leaders from every major faith plead with Boris Johnson to ‘urgently’ ban traumatising conversion therapy

Chechnya: Teen forced to commit self-rape for criticising Ramzan Kadyrov

Teen forced to commit horrific act of self-rape for criticising Chechnya’s ‘gay purge’ tyrant

Openly gay Indian prince joins calls for global conversion therapy ban

Gay Indian prince forced to endure torturous electroshocks joins calls for global conversion therapy ban

A man's back covered in scars

After surviving torture and escaping my home country, I finally came to terms with my queerness

Sara Hegazy

Sara Hegazy, who died by suicide after being tortured for flying a Pride flag, honoured with candlelit vigil at Egyptian embassy

Mohamad al-Bokari: Pro-LGBT blogger tortured by Saudi Arabia authorities

Saudi authorities beat blogger, subject him to anal exam and demand he ‘confess’ being gay – all because he supports LGBT+ rights

Gabriel Fernandez of Palmdale was pelted with abuse for years but his mother and her partner. (Screenshot via ABC7)

Social workers cleared after mum tortured her eight-year-old son to death because she thought he was gay

Jason Marshall bound, gagged and murdered Peter Fasoli in a sadistic and brutal killing. (Screen capture via Metropolitan Police)

Gay man who died ‘accidentally’ was tortured and murdered by serial killer posing as an MI5 agent

Chechnya gay purge

Journalist comes out to police chief in Chechnya who oversees the ‘gay purge’

10-year-old bisexual boy Anthony Avalos, who died in California in June

Anthony Avalos: Parents’ alleged torture of bisexual boy, 10, revealed

Couple could face death penalty over murder of ‘bisexual’ 10-year-old son

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