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Drag Race royalty Peppermint throws down the gauntlet to white, cis gays to do more to fight for Black, trans lives

Black Trans Lives Matter: Tens of thousands take to the streets in solidarity

Tens of thousands dress in white for emotionally-charged, peaceful protest in solidarity with Black trans people: ‘We believe in Black trans power’

Tony McDade: Florida police shoot and kill Black trans man

Justice for Tony McDade one step closer as police union loses bid to keep his killer anonymous

Fred Sargeant: Cop killing of Black trans man Tony McDade 'a good thing'

Fred Sargeant, who claims he was at the Stonewall Riots, says fatal shooting of Black trans man Tony McDade by a white cop is ‘a good thing’

Tony McDade

It’s been over a week since Tony McDade was killed by police and we still don’t know the name of the officer responsible

Tony McDade and Barack Obama

Barack Obama honours Tony McDade, the Black trans man killed by cops, while calling for an end to police brutality

Thousands of protesters gather at the Stonewall Inn demanding an end to the murder of Black trans people

Munroe Bergdorf: L'Oreal eviscerated for Black Lives Matter message

L’Oreal dropped Munroe Bergdorf for calling out white supremacy. Now it wants to talk about Black Lives Matter

Tony McDade: Florida police shoot and kill Black trans man

Eyewitness reports completely contradict what the police is saying about the death of Black trans man Tony McDade

A Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC. Black trans women

7 simple ways white queer people can be allies to Black people in the fight against racism and police brutality

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift launches attack on Donald Trump for ‘stoking the fires of white supremacy’, vows: ‘We will vote you out’

Tony McDade: Florida police shoot and kill Black trans man

Black trans man shot dead by white cop in Florida’s third fatal police shooting in two months

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