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Grindr shuts down Eminem’s feeble attempt to pander to the gays with his Dolly Parton Challenge


Grindr could be sharing your location and sexual orientation with thousands of advertisers


More and more daters are identifying their gender as something other than ‘man’ or ‘woman’, study finds

Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren

Here’s a wholesome video of Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren talking about Grindr and hook-ups

Lex dating app

This new queer dating app ‘inspired by newspaper personals’ is determined to keep the creeps out


Tinder has 50 gender options but transgender people are being banned for their gender identity

Transgender woman, bi woman and non-binary lesbian make Tinder’s top 30 singles for 2019

80 percent of LGBT people say dating apps benefit their community

80 percent of LGBT people say dating apps benefit their community

These interracial same-sex couple emojis are due to be on your phone by October

Interracial same-sex couple emojis are coming to your phone

Tinder on mobile phone

Man tricks four men into gay sex by posing as a woman on dating apps

Graham Norton, laughing

Graham Norton deleted Tinder because he kept meeting ‘broken people’

Nearly one third of gay people ‘swipe left’ on HIV-positive dating app users

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