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Danny Zuko, played by John Travolta, in iconic film Grease

Grease called out for racism, homophobia and vicious bullying by furious viewers

Parents question how their son can 'possibly know' he's gay. Yes, really

Parents question how their son knows he’s gay when he’s never been with a girl. Yes, really

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp loses libel case against The Sun after claim he beat and abused ex-wife Amber Heard

Coming out dad gay son

Dad reacted horribly when his gay son came out and was racist about his boyfriend. Years later, he wants to make things right

Authors quit JK Rowling agency over its failure to support trans rights

Trans activists condemn The Sun for ‘cruel and misogynistic’ treatment of JK Rowling

Pride in Publishing hits back at Hachette’s support of JK Rowling

Trans charities express solidarity with JK Rowling as disgusting Sun front page ‘gives voice to her abuser’

Sam Smith not treated equally by the media after Big Night In performance

There’s a glaringly obvious difference in the way Sam Smith on Big Night In was reported compared with cis celebrities

Amanda Liberty: Attraction to chandeliers not a protected sexual orientation

Being attracted to chandeliers is not a protected sexual orientation, according to a landmark ruling


Nigerian tabloid warns of the ‘danger’ of homosexual ‘addicts’ and we’d laugh if it wasn’t so relentlessly homophobic

In a story about Sam Smith’s pronouns, The Sun managed to get it wrong in the very first sentence

Asan N'Jie attends The TV Choice Awards 2019 at Hilton Park Lane on September 9, 2019 in London, England.

Sacked Emmerdale star Asan N’Jie used homophobic slur in unearthed tweets

A picture from one of March of the Mermaids' events overlaid with tweets making fun of The Sun

The Sun used a photo of mermaids instead of trans charity Mermaids

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