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Suzanne Moore Primal Scream

Primal Scream insist they’re ‘100 per cent’ for trans rights despite troubling defence of ex-Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore

Kylie Minogue. (Brendon Thorne/Singapore GP via Getty Images)

Kylie Minogue emphatically comes out swinging for trans rights simply by using common sense

The Guardian

The Guardian condemned for employing far-right cartoonist who compares same-sex marriage to bestiality

Owen Jones: The UK isn't fighting far-right extremism effectively

Gay journalist Owen Jones says the vicious attack on him is proof the UK isn’t fighting far-right extremism properly

Sandi Toksvig: The press have stopped calling me a lesbian but I still am

Sandi Toksvig jokes she’s still very much a lesbian while reflecting on brutal treatment from tabloid press to her coming out

Instinct star Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming has a succinct message for people who don’t like sharing pronouns: ‘F**k you’

Graham Linehan compares doctors treating trans kids to Nazis

Graham Linehan calls pansexuality ‘b*****ks’ as he shifts from gender identity to launch fresh attack on sexuality

Is this the beginning of the end of the anti-trans movement in the UK?

Is this the beginning of the end for the anti-trans movement in the UK?

Hundreds of Guardian staff rise up in protest of the paper’s ‘pattern of transphobic content’

Thousands write to The Guardian protesting 'abusive' anti-trans articles

Thousands more sign letter to The Guardian protesting ‘pattern of abusive articles about trans people’

The Guardian called out by more than 200 feminists for anti-trans editorial

Hundreds of feminists write to The Guardian rejecting argument that trans rights threaten women

Dawn Foster transphobe email

Journalist Dawn Foster threatened with rape simply for being a trans ally, showing how vile transphobes truly are

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