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Jihadi terrorist who planned to attack Pride in London had afterlife to-do list

Jihadi terrorist planned to arrive in heaven, meet his wives and decorate his palace after attacking Pride in London

David Wails, Joe Ritchie-Bennett and James Furlong (L-R) have been named as the victims of the Reading terror attack.

Reading terror attack suspect charged with three counts of murder following stabbing of gay men

Two queer men who lost their lives after a lone man began stabbing people in Reading, England, have been named as Joe Ritchie-Bennett (L) and James Furlong (R). (Facebook/Thames Valley Police)

Reading terror attack victims were beautiful and proud members of the LGBT+ community who wanted equality for all

Poland: Couple jailed for one year after bringing explosives to Pride

Polish husband and wife who took homemade explosives to Pride sentenced to just one year in prison

Uber driver planned to ‘unleash death’ by driving van into Pride parade

Uber driver planned to ‘unleash death’ on non-Muslims by driving a van into a Pride parade

Luke Crompton: 'Homophobic' troll spared jail after encouraging terrorism

Online troll who made homophobic and racist posts ‘dripping with hate and contempt’ walks free from court

An author tried to use the London Bridge attack to celebrate white, straight men – and it epically backfired

An Islamic extremist from Channel 4's The State and a scene from a gay porn film

Islamic extremists are obsessed with gay porn, says expert

Woman arrested over ‘terroristic threats’ to murder people at Pride event

Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt secretly used Grindr despite writing homophobic blog posts

Remembering the Admiral Duncan bombing 19 years on

What is an incel? The Toronto attacker was part of controversial Reddit involuntary celibacy movement

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