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TERF definition meaning what is a terf

The complex, divisive history of the word TERF, what it means and why it’s not actually a slur

McIver's Ladies Baths: Hundreds protest women's pool 'transphobic policy'

Women-only pool told gender shouldn’t be determined by ‘what’s in your pants’ after ban on trans women

Mary Bourke: I'm 'not a TERF' for joking that only women need smear tests

Comedian Mary Bourke sparks outrage by mocking trans-inclusive language for cheap laughs

Roxane Gay JK Rowling

Feminist icon Roxane Gay thinks JK Rowling was ‘rightly vilified’ after ‘painting herself as a victim’

The confrontation between Black Lives Matter protesters and 'gender critical' activists grew ugly

‘Gender critical’ activists with ‘I heart JK Rowling’ banner mock Black Lives Matter protesters in ugly confrontation

Sex researcher Dr James Cantor and JK Rowling

Leading gay sex researcher claims he was ‘emotionally blackmailed’ over anti-trans essay in defence of JK Rowling

Baroness Nicholson will not be investigated for Munroe Bergdorf comments

Tory peer Baroness Nicholson reported for bullying after sharing ‘racist and transphobic abuse’ about model Munroe Bergdorf

White, cis billionaire JK Rowling sparked fury for her views on trans folk. So Juno Dawson decoded them to show just how anti-trans they are. (John Phillips/Getty Images/Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Trans author Juno Dawson perfectly explains why white billionaire JK Rowling’s scathing tweets are anti-trans

The Ickabog: Publishing staff down tools over JK Rowling's anti-trans tirade

JK Rowling met with tidal wave of anger after using her enormous platform to send string of ‘hateful’ anti-trans tweets

‘TERF is a slur’: Lesbian who left gender-critical movement calls it a cult

The ‘gender critical’ feminist movement is a cult that grooms, controls and abuses, according to a lesbian who managed to escape

Is Karen a slur? In these trying times, some people are actually asking this

In these trying times, lesbian radical feminist Julie Bindel is debating whether ‘Karen’ is a slur. Yes, really

Women Speak Tasmania members holding a banner saying "female is not a feeling" and "sex not gender"

Australian ‘anti-trans’ group to help design trans-inclusive bathroom poster

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