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Anti-trans 'bathroom bill' led to gender-neutral toilets springing up in North Carolina.

Business owners face jail for refusing to post signs about trans people in bathrooms

Tennessee governor Bill Lee

Tennessee just passed two sinister, hateful laws putting health and safety of trans people at risk

Tennessee Senate passes bill allowing opt-out of LGBT-inclusive education

Tennessee Senate passes hateful bill allowing parents to pull kids out of LGBT-inclusive education

gender neutral bathroom sign North Carolina

Republicans now want trans-inclusive bathrooms to be signposted for ‘the protection of women’


Tennessee becomes third state this year to sign indefensible anti-trans sports ban

Tennessee Senate passes bill allowing opt-out of LGBT-inclusive education

Tennessee Republicans launch chilling bid to ban LGBT+ books from schools in yet another attack on queer kids

bible held in man's hands

Republican launches bid to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee

YouTube Jason Zachary Republican congress Tennessee

Republicans want to let cis students sue schools that don’t exclude trans kids

Democrat Torrey Harris and Republican Eddie Mannis are Tennessee's first out LGBT+ lawmakers

Tennessee – yes, Tennessee – just elected out LGBT+ lawmakers for the first time

Preacher’s daughter suspended for wearing ‘homosexuality is sin’ t-shirt

A preacher’s daughter was sent home from school for wearing a ‘homosexuality is sin’ t-shirt. He’s threatening to sue

University president grindr restraining order

University president ‘shocked’ by accusation he drugged a man he met on Grindr with GHB for group sex

Alex Duron Facebook Union University

‘Homophobic’ Christian college revokes gay student’s admission because of his ‘sexually impure relationships’

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