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Donald Trump holds an LGBT+ Pride flag

Donald Trump gives millions in COVID relief funds to anti-LGBT+ hate groups and homophobic televangelists

Jim Bakker televangelist

Anti-LGBT+ televangelist banned from peddling fake coronavirus ‘miracle cure’ says he’s being ‘unfairly targeted’

Kenneth Copeland blows wind of god

This pastor thinks homosexuality is a sin. He also thinks he can cure coronavirus by blowing through your TV

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts ‘atomic war’ if Equality Act passes

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts ‘atomic war’ if Equality Act passes

Preacher who said God would ‘destroy’ all gay people is under investigation for fraud

Televangelist Pat Robertson: Questioning teen needs “male companions”

Televangelist Pat Robertson: It’s impossible for Christians not to associate with gay people

Televangelist Pat Robertson: Jesus wouldn’t have baked a cake for a gay wedding

US televangelist Pat Robertson instructs mother to ask her gay son whether a coach ‘molested’ him

NOW: Anti-gay US televangelist says low carb diets ‘violate the principles of God’

US televangelist compares trans people to his castrated horse after admitting not knowing what transgender means

Video: Anderson Cooper slams televangelist who said gay men use special rings to infect people with HIV

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