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Some students and community members supported Kluge (MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images)

Massachusetts schools to give LGBT history and health lessons

Gay teacher driven from job due to ‘pattern of harassment’ after he came out

New teachers’ union boss faces backlash over outspoken transgender views

A classroom. A girl was attacked in a school in Maryland, USA, in March last year

Teach about LGBT issues in Maths and Science lessons, report says

Teacher struck off after telling kids that gay people are ‘sick in the head’

Seven gay teachers who got the last laugh and inspired their kids to think differently

New website provides teachers with LGBT activity resources

US: Southern Baptist Convention elects leader who thinks Satan ‘broke’ homosexuals

US: Church leader who called on gay people to ‘change’ says it’s not his ‘core message’

Survey: A quarter of people in the UK disagree with homosexuality, but acceptance continues to rise

Australia: Catholic priest breaks with official teachings to support civil unions

US: Alabama lawmakers urged to repeal law which requires schools to teach that being gay is illegal

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