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Canadian Catholic school teachers required to sign anti-gay ‘values’ contract

AUSTRALIA, Sydney : Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali (R), the Mufti of Australia, with Ian Ewing (L), the New South Wales regional director for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, speaks at a press conference concerning Australia's Census night in Sydney, 31 July 2006. The Mufti urged Muslims in Australia to stand up and be counted during the 15th national Census of population and housing to be conducted across Australia on the night of 08 August. AFP PHOTO/Greg WOOD

Australian cleric says gay teachers are ‘mentally ill’ and ‘contradict nature’

Two in five LGBT teachers ‘have been bullied and harassed because of their identity’

New teachers’ union boss faces backlash over outspoken transgender views

Law that forces teachers to say it’s wrong to be gay could finally be repealed in Alabama

A third of LGBT teachers stay in the closet

Young LGBT reported missing school after experiencing bullying.

Plans to celebrate transgender parents in school books branded ‘child cruelty’ by transphobes

Taking exams (Stonewall)

Teachers aren’t doing enough to stop homophobic bullying, Conservative politician says

Teachers bombarded with letters saying gays can ‘go straight’ in vile anti-LGBT abuse

Teach toddlers about LGBT issues, say teachers

Republican lawmaker wants to ban gay teachers because they set a ‘bad example’

School children

Report calls for better legal protection of LGBT teachers

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