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Grindr on an Apple iPhone

Grindr reveals which countries have the most tops and the most bottoms

Viking transgender non-binary gender fluid

Ancient Viking warrior given a hero’s burial may have actually been ‘transgender, non-binary or gender fluid’, researchers say

Darin Zanyar, better known as Darin. (Instagram)

Darin Zanyar, the heartthrob who became Sweden’s king of pop, just came out as gay

GenderGP 'will not waver' in supporting trans people failed by NHS

Anti-trans ‘concerns’ over ‘experimental’ puberty blockers have reached Sweden

feminist choir

This angry white man is absolutely raging over a feminist choir singing about their vaginas

Princess Victoria

Swedish crown princess makes history with first-ever visit to an LGBT organisation

LGBT travel

These are the 150 best and worst countries for LGBT travel, ranked

Swedish comedian and TV host Emma Knyckare, founder of Statement Festival.

‘World’s first’ festival for women, trans and non-binary people set to return despite being ruled discriminatory against cis men

Same-sex marriage in Sweden and Denmark has reduced the number of lesbians and gay men dying by suicide by almost half

drag queen story hour

Swedish government grants $175,000 to fund drag queen story hours for children

Georgian hate groups planning to block premiere of Swedish film that celebrates gay love

Swedish singer AMWIN and British singer Dua Lipa.

Swedish singer AMWIN releases stunning love song about Dua Lipa

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