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This bizarre story about a straight man and a cauliflower will make you feel better about your romantic life

A straight man's concern that appreciating a comfortable chair would imply he's gay has gone viral on Twitter. (Twitter)

Straight men think sitting in a comfortable chair is ‘gay’ and we’ve never seen masculinity this fragile

A man smiles at the camera while his girlfriend drinks coffee

Straight man won’t call his girlfriend ‘babe’ because he thinks ’emotions are gay’ and we are already over this decade

A sunset with the caption "I'm straight but... that's incredible."

A straight guy named Kevin had to clarify his sexuality in order to enjoy a sunset. Yes, really

Tati Westbrook breaks silence on James Charles, asks for ‘hate to stop’

Tati Westbrook breaks silence on James Charles, asks for ‘hate to stop’

coronavirus masturbation

Straight men who masturbate together say it isn’t gay

Gay men earn more than straight men, new study reveals

Lesbians and bi women are having better sex than their straight counterparts

Straight dudes open up about experimenting with men

‘Are you trying to die?’ – does this Grindr prank on straight guys go too far?

UK: New campaign launched against domestic violence for gay, bi and straight men

Comment: Is Grindr now a hunting ground for technically straight, married men?

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