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Jim Wells MLA walks through the Great Hall at Stormont

Politician wants to ban LGBT events ‘promoting alternative lifestyles’ from Northern Ireland Assembly

Blood donor

What does the change in blood donation rules for gay men mean in Northern Ireland?

conservatives dup

Conservative Party agrees deal to rule with anti-LGBT Democratic Unionist Party

Elton John ‘not surprised’ politician thought only gay people could contract HIV

This politician has admitted thinking only gay people could contract HIV

Ruth Davidson calls on Northern Ireland to introduce equal marriage

Sinn Féin pledges to push through same-sex marriage as a priority in Northern Ireland

Northern Irish Assembly to vote on gay marriage for a FIFTH time

Amnesty International calls on Northern Ireland to allow same-sex marriage

UK: NI Assembly rejects equal marriage motion by 51-43 vote

Alliance Party: Northern Ireland Health Minister is a disgrace for wasting public money on a homophobic blood ban

Majority of MLAs in Northern Ireland support motion for LGBT equality strategy

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