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Star Trek

Star Trek’s new non-binary star reflects on how the iconic franchise helped them come out to their family

Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery boldly goes where the franchise has never gone before with non-binary and trans characters

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey compares his spectacular fall from grace amid sexual assault allegations to coronavirus. Yes, really

Anthony Rapp (L) and fiancé Ken Ithiphol have announced their engagement and love just might be real. (Instagram)

Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp shares his engagement and maybe we do believe in love after all

Star Trek: Discovery actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz embrace during season one.

Star Trek gay couple’s relationship isn’t over, says Anthony Rapp

Star Trek: Discovery gay couple get a surprise reunion

Queer television characters feature in more than half of the top 20 streaming shows

There was a major twist on Star Trek: Discovery and gay fans are pissed off

Star Trek’s Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz open up about first gay kiss

Star Trek Discovery star has a perfect response to angry homophobic fans

Get ready! Star Trek: Discovery is about to debut a gay couple

Star Trek: Discovery stars open up about show’s groundbreaking gay relationship

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