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Tom Annear: Straight footballer calls for homophobic fan to be banned

Footballer shows what it means to be a straight ally by calling for homophobic fan to be banned

rainbow flags around street preacher

Street preacher who thinks homosexuality is an ‘abomination’ surrounded by rainbow flags in ‘big circle of gay love’

Gay wedding Callum and Ashley

Gay couple sent ‘homophobic’ note warning them to move their wedding away from village

Anarchist sticks pink dildo on Jacob Rees-Mogg’s car and leaves condoms in his garden

This UKIP politician just blamed same-sex marriage for drugs, murder and violence

An NHS logo

UKIP councillor accuses NHS of ‘wasting’ money on LGBT services

Cage fighter left gay man ’15 minutes from death’ in horrific homophobic attack

Christian preacher gets public order conviction for homophobia overturned

Christian street preacher fined over homophobic sermons

UK: Man ordered to stand trial after allegedly abusing trans woman in supermarket

Somerset man accused of beating his wife after she came out as gay

Lib Dem councillor resigns after being called ‘dirty bloody homosexual’

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