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Oscar Wilde

On this day, 125 years ago, Oscar Wilde was convicted of ‘gross indecency’ and slapped with the ‘maximum sentence allowed’

Closeted gay man outed by police after being robbed by male sex worker

Closeted man called the police after being robbed by a male sex worker. They charged him with ‘soliciting sodomy’ and publicly outed him

Republican lawmakers Mark N. Fisher, Nino Mangione, Warren E. Miller, William J. Wivell and Robert B. Long

Five Republican lawmakers voted against repealing Maryland’s defunct sodomy law

15th century comic strip reveals Leonardo da Vinci was mocked for being gay

Leonardo da Vinci mocked for being gay in 15th century comic strip

Brunei foreign minister says gay executions are ‘unlikely’ despite new law

Brunei says new anti-gay laws will ‘deter’ people from anti-Islamic acts

A young man in Saudi Arabia, where textbooks teach gay sex is punishable by death, stands in front of a portrait of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Saudi Arabia ‘teaches kids gay sex causes natural disasters’

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council

Trump ally Tony Perkins says decriminalising homosexuality was ‘a mistake’

Indian government ‘will let Supreme Court decide’ future of law banning gay sex

Gay sex has been legal in Texas for 15 years today

Former Tory chair Lord Tebbit calls gay pastor a ‘Sodomite’ in shocking homophobic rant

Scott Lively has claimed that God removed Donald Trump from office because he was too accepting of homosexuality.

28 percent of Republican delegates support ‘jail the gays’ candidate Scott Lively in Massachusetts

Labour MP called for musician to be ‘sodomised to death’

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