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Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council

Trump ally Tony Perkins says decriminalising homosexuality was ‘a mistake’

Indian government ‘will let Supreme Court decide’ future of law banning gay sex

Gay sex has been legal in Texas for 15 years today

Former Tory chair Lord Tebbit calls gay pastor a ‘Sodomite’ in shocking homophobic rant

28 percent of Republican delegates support ‘jail the gays’ candidate Scott Lively in Massachusetts

Labour MP called for musician to be ‘sodomised to death’

Labour MP mocked ‘fudge packers and poofters’ and lashed out at gay ‘heterophobes’

Politician ambushed with proof of his homophobic past during live TV debate

Gunshots fired as 30 men arrested in Iran accused of being gay

School children

Texas lawmaker attempts to repeal law that forces schools to teach homosexuality is an ‘unacceptable lifestyle’

Barbados official says gays should be ‘left alone’ despite sodomy law


Tunisian court praised for releasing eight men convicted under ‘sodomy’ laws

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