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sé Rolón and his three children. (nycgaydad/Instagram)

Single gay dad explaining why he thought he would never be able to have a family will break your heart

The BBC has not banned staff from attending Pride parades

No, BBC staff won’t be punished for attending Pride parades under new guidelines

TikTok trans content

TikTok announces outright ban on conversion therapy content. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson dithers and delays


TikTok admits it enacted a ‘shadow-ban’ censoring several LGBT+ hashtags, including #I am a gay/lesbian

Members of the Russia gay community

Meanwhile, in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, school kids’ social media profiles are being screened for ‘LGBT+ propaganda’

Conversion therapy

Conversion therapy survivors are turning to TikTok to share their trauma and help other victims


Student whistleblowers expose the ‘violent’ homophobia, racism and sexual harassment plaguing schools day in, day out

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter returns to social media with searing takedown of ‘racist homophobe’ Donald Trump

Joanna Theng

Christian TikTok star refuses to back down after slamming gay people as ‘agents of Satan’ in homophobic video with ‘ex-gay’ leader

Conversion therapy

Instagram bans posts promoting vile, damaging conversion therapy in huge victory for LGBT+ activists

Reddit, after years of piling pressure, clamped down on boards that, under new guidelines, promoted hate speech. A transphobic "gender critical feminist" forum was one of them. (Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Reddit just banned its viciously transphobic ‘gender critical’ page amid vigorous crackdown on hate speech

Bryce Hall

Tiktok star Bryce Hall apologises after backlash over insensitive ‘heterophobia’ comment

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