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quarantine horny

Bona fide sex expert explains why coronavirus quarantine is making people hornier than usual

Halle Berry

Hell hath no fury like Halle Berry shutting down bigots who’re shaming her six-year-old son for wearing heels

Mark Palmer: Man jailed after attacking wife and hurling anti-gay slurs

‘Despicable’ man who attacked his wife in lockdown threatened police with concrete block during homophobic tirade

Mumsnet user is angry kids are making rainbows in coronavirus isolation

This gay SNP MP has the sassiest put-down for anyone concerned about the coronavirus ‘rainbow crisis’

Jonathan Van Ness: Please stop giving yourselves quarantine haircuts

Jonathan Van Ness wants everyone to stop giving themselves quarantine haircuts. Immediately

Disney characters in quarantine

Hilarious video imagines Le Fou, Elsa and all your queer Disney faves singing their way through quarantine

Gay gym owner hits out at guys begging him to reopen despite coronavirus

Gay personal trainer epically shuts down guys on Grindr who’re begging to use his gym during coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus: Gay dancer trapped in lockdown with homophobic parents

Gay dancer trapped at home with homophobic Christian parents who think he has an ‘evil disease’

coronavirus porn

Pornhub is now giving free porn to billions to encourage people to stay indoors during coronavirus lockdown

Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama gives Ellen DeGeneres – and all of us – the coronavirus pep talk we all need right now

pansexual nurse

Pansexual nurse wants everyone to stay home so coronavirus gets under control and he can have sex again

Mumsnet user is angry kids are making rainbows in coronavirus isolation

This mum is raging because kids in coronavirus isolation are displaying rainbows in their windows. Yes, really

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