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Tory review of Human Rights Act puts LGBT rights at risk, warns Amnesty

Tories axe vital funding to protect LGBT+ kids from bullying. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson just green-lit billions in defence spending

section 28 Margaret Thatcher

The terrible history of Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic Section 28, 17 years since it was repealed in England and Wales

Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown

Gillian Anderson reveals how she distanced herself from Margaret Thatcher’s hateful actions to play her in The Crown

Belinda Brown conversion therapy

So-called ‘academic’ wants conversion therapy to remain legal so gays can ‘explore their heterosexual potential’

Russell Tovey on Section 28 and being 'slightly envious' of younger queers

Russell Tovey would sneak into libraries to look at pictures of naked men as a gay teen living under Section 28

Keir Starmer risks Labour's LGBT voters by not fighting transphobia

Unless Labour chooses to fight against transphobia now, Keir Starmer risks losing hard-won LGBT+ votes

Ministers 'unlikely' to reform Gender Recognition Act

LGBT Conservatives plead with government to ‘stop pandering to a culture war’ and actually empathise with trans people

Ian McKellen birthday 81 facts

10 extraordinary facts about LGBT+ rights pioneer and award-winning actor Sir Ian McKellen you probably never knew

British prime minister Margaret Thatcher imposed the loathed homophobic law Section 28

The devastating impact and horrific legacy of Section 28, from Margaret Thatcher to Esther McVey, explained in just two minutes

Section 28: What was it, and is history repeating itself in the UK?

On the anniversary of Section 28 coming into law, fears are growing that history is repeating itself

Section 28 Liz Truss attack on trans youth is 'a successor to Thatcher's Section 28

Trans woman who grew up under Margaret Thatcher’s hateful Section 28 warns Liz Truss is ‘repeating history’

Section 28 Liz Truss attack on trans youth is 'a successor to Thatcher's Section 28

Liz Truss’ attack on transgender youth slammed as ‘successor’ to Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic Section 28

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