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section 28 Margaret Thatcher

The terrible, brutal history of Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic Section 28

Protesters holding placards saying 'some poeple are gay/bi/trans, get over it'

Stonewall leaders on beating the bullies and the LGBT+ movement’s inevitable reckoning

Russell Tovey section 28

Russell Tovey says he and others in his generation have ‘Section 28 in their blood’

thousands protest outside Hungary's parliament against a bill which has now passed, banning the mention of LGBT+ people in schools

Hungary passes chilling anti-LGBT+ law putting the UK’s Section 28 to shame

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

It’s been 33 years since Section 28 came into law, and the LGBT+ community remains under attack

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher’s head on a spike appears in place of controversial 20ft statue

‘The SNP has failed trans people. If elected Scottish Labour leader, I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the community’

Margaret Thatcher

21 years ago today, the Tories celebrated ‘a victory for common sense’ when Thatcher’s homophobic Section 28 was saved

Margaret Thatcher

A 20ft Margaret Thatcher statue is bad enough, but the bill for its unveiling ceremony is eye-watering

Michael Cashman

Michael Cashman says LGB people who attack trans rights ‘learned nothing’ from the AIDS crisis

LGBT protestors, one wearing a 'bum boys against Boris' t-shirtm another holding a rainbow Pride flag

Labour is still miles ahead with LGB voters, study finds – and Boris Johnson isn’t helping matters

New York Pride Parade 1989, LGBT history, Stonewall

LGBT+ History Month 2021: When is it, what resources are available and what events are taking place

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