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Same-sex parents

Supreme Court asked to consider chilling case that could strip same-sex couples of parental rights

A happy family with gay parents

It’s official, children born to same-sex parents do better at school than other kids

fertility clinic sued by sperm donor same-sex couples

Donor sues fertility clinic for allowing same-sex couples to use his sperm

Roee and Adiel Kiviti are suing the Trump administration to secure citizenship for baby daughter Kessem

Trump administration really doesn’t want the daughter of a gay couple born in Canada to be a US citizen. Shocking

surrogacy reform

Gay couple’s rollercoaster journey to becoming parents highlights urgent need for UK surrogacy reform

A pregnant lesbian woman was pelted with verbal abuse by a stranger while shopping in a supermarket, leaving her "shaken". (Stock photo via Unsplash/Andrew Seaman)

Pregnant lesbian reduced to tears after cruel homophobe wished death on her unborn baby

same-sex parents Indiana

Same-sex parents can now be named on children’s birth certificates after landmark Indiana court ruling

Queer birth workers want to make perinatal care more inclusive of LGBT+ parents.

Same-sex parents will be allowed both names on their child’s birth certificate in Ireland, but there’s a catch

gay penguin chick

Gay penguin ‘power couple’ have adopted another egg together after successfully hatching their first chick

Kmart's same=sex parent family dolls

Supermarket giant Kmart is selling adorable same-sex family dolls for kids – and they’re almost sold out

Religious adoption agencies sue Michigan to avoid same-sex parents

Religious adoption agencies sue Michigan to avoid same-sex parents

A same-sex couple in the trailer for The Addams Family, overlaid with tweets.

The Addams Family trailer features same-sex parents and fans love it

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