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Neighbours star hopes his character’s same-sex parenting story opens people’s eyes

Japan Japanese outing LGBT campaigners attend a Pride event in Tokyo, Japan where the first refugee has been accepted on ground of LGBT+ persecution

A queer man was murdered. His grieving partner of 20 years has just been told their relationship wasn’t legally valid

LGBT adoption: Same-sex couple share their 'amazing journey' to twins

Same-sex couple explain their ‘amazing journey’ to adoption and it will melt your heart

Rail travel

Lesbian couple asked to ‘prove’ their marriage is real in order to buy a train ticket

90 Day Fiancé before the 90 days

After five years and five spin-offs, 90 Day Fiancé franchise to feature first same-sex couple

London bus attack Two women on a London bus covered in blood after alleged homophobic attack

Teen who targeted same-sex couple in brutal London bus attack avoids prison sentence

Honeymoon cruise

Gay couple heartbroken after their honeymoon cruise is ruined by ‘nightmare’ staff who ‘pointed and laughed at’ them

Strictly Come Dancing

Same-sex couple win Denmark’s version of Strictly Come Dancing and, surprise surprise, the world didn’t end

Strictly Come Dancing

The first-ever same-sex couple in Denmark’s version of Strictly is blowing the competition away

Lesbian couple about to kiss

Eye-opening viral Twitter thread reveals how people are still shocked to see same-sex couples in public

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty in Bachelor in Paradise

The Bachelor franchise gets its first-ever same-sex proposal after 17 years

Pretty Little Liars characters Alison and Emily, who formed Emison when they got together.

Pretty Little Liars’ lesbian couple got a divorce and fans are furious

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