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EU may sanction Hungary for law banning 'promotion' of LGBT rights

LGBT+ Hungarians are fleeing the country in droves as homophobe Viktor Orbán makes them enemies of the state

Hungary: Thousands protest law banning public discussion of LGBT people

Hungary just outlawed same-sex adoption with vile new law: ‘It’s a dark day for human rights’


Hungary makes terrifying moves to ban same-sex adoption, claiming it’s ‘become necessary’ due to coronavirus


Russian cabinet strikes down abhorrent bill that would have erased trans people and banned same-sex marriage

Andrzej Duda Poland same-sex adoption

Poland’s homophobic barbarian – sorry, president – Andrzej Duda just vowed to ban same-sex couples from adopting children

Switzerland marriage equality

Switzerland inches closer to marriage equality and same-sex adoption as parliament backs crucial bill

Lesbian couple bring legal fight against policy stopping them fostering kids

Lesbian couple bring historic legal challenge to overturn policy that allowed a state-funded foster agency to reject them for being gay

Lesbian mums adopt 17-year-old girl because 'family doesn't end at 18'

Anonymous stranger so touched by lesbian mums adopting a 17-year-old that they’ve offered to pay her college tuition

Israel agrees to Russian deal banning LGBT adoption of Russian children

Israel kowtows to Russia’s demands and bans LGBT people from adopting Russian children

A gay male couple representing same-sex couples who have a child through an adoption agency

Tennessee bills would allow adoption agencies to refuse same-sex couples

Northern Ireland has lowest same-sex adoption success rate in UK

Northern Ireland has lowest same-sex adoption success rate in UK

Photo of actor John Barrowman's face

I’m A Celebrity’s John Barrowman reveals adoption pain

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