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Laurence Fox took to Twitter to call LGBT+ people "paedophiles"

Laurence Fox calls queer men ‘paedophiles’ amid furious rant over shopping at Sainsbury’s

Gay couple allegedly kicked out of Sainsbury's because of their sexuality

This guy claims he wasn’t allowed to shop in Sainsbury’s with his boyfriend because they’re gay

Non-binary person slams Sainsbury’s for ‘misgendering’ them

Sainsbury’s boss ‘calls customer f***ing faggot’, claims he was just talking about mother’s dinner

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s just released a collection of same-sex Valentine’s cards

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad casually features a same-sex couple for a second year in a row

PHOTOS: Hundreds make out in Sainsbury’s to protest as couple told to stop holding hands

Hundreds stage ‘Big Gay Kiss In’ in Sainsbury’s after couple told to stop holding hands (VIDEO)

‘Big Gay Kiss In’ to take place in Sainsbury’s after couple told to stop holding hands

Gay couple ‘offered £10 gift card’ by supermarket after homophobic incident

Festive advert praised for casually featuring gay couple (VIDEO)

Sainsbury’s slammed for censoring gay mags with clothed people but not FHM

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