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Radio host: Ebola was sent by God to wipe out homosexuals

Republican candidate: Liberals want ‘transgenders’ to rape girls in bathrooms

David Benham and his brother Jason Benham were dropped as TV hosts in 2014 over their anti-gay beliefs

US: HGTV pulls plug on reality show after host outed as anti-gay activist

Tea Party activist: ‘Gay supremacy is becoming worse than white supremacy’

US radio presenter: Homeless gay teens have only themselves to blame

Family Research Council: Allowing gays in the military has caused its ‘absolute destruction’

Televangelist Pat Robertson: Jesus wouldn’t have baked a cake for a gay wedding

US radio host insists story of homophobic Christian couple was a ‘ruse’ to support ENDA

US: Florida senator set to feature as keynote speaker for ‘gay cure’ therapy fundraiser

Tony Perkins: We should pray for gay people just like we should pray for drug addicts

US columnist: Homosexuality ‘has destroyed every civilisation it has touched’

US: Lawyer tweets cartoon suggesting gay scout leaders would trick boy scouts into sex

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