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A refugee tribunal said two men couldn’t possibly be gay because they couldn’t recall what they did after sex

Turkmenistan HIV gay refugee

Gay man flees Turkmenistan after being horrifically beaten by police, all for the simple crime of having HIV

Stephen Sebuuma, a trans non-binary refugee in the Kakuma refugee camp, was battered by a group of 10 transphobes with sticks and stones. (Stephen Sebuuma)

Non-binary Ugandan asylum seeker viciously attacked by gang of thugs for simply wearing a dress

uganda lesbian granted asylum in germany

Ugandan lesbian granted asylum in Germany, but judge insists it will not set a precedent for LGBT asylum seekers

gay refugee

Gay refugee is suing Trump administration for sending him to Guatemala where he’ll be ‘homophobically harassed’

Gay Saudi journalists

Two Saudi journalists being held in asylum centre after being outed as gay by government for contact with foreign media

A trans refugee in the Kakuma Refugee Camp was brutally battered by a group of 'homophobic' persons' today. (Supplied)

A trans Ugandan refugee had his neck cut and genitals pulled in broad daylight: ‘My life is in danger’

Transgender woman Roxsana Hernandez, who died while seeking asylum in the US from AIDS related illness.

Immigration officials deleted vital video of a transgender asylum seeker who died in custody

Two LGBT+ refugees and a child march holding a rainbow flag

Kenya sends LGBT refugees back to ‘homophobic’ camp

Italy’s Supreme Court rules in favour of gay man seeking asylum

Italy’s Supreme Court rules in favour of gay man seeking asylum

The Sultan of Brunei, who introduced death by stoning for gay people this month. A transgender teenager has fled the country to Canada where she is claiming asylum.

Transgender teenager from Brunei seeks asylum in Canada

LGBT refugees explain why they fled to the US

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