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Gay emergency room nurse pleads for queer people to stay indoors amid coronavirus pandemic

Reddit am I the asshole wedding gay brother

Gay uncle forbidden from attending his niece’s wedding because the groom’s family is extremely homophobic

A lesbian teen fought against her mildly homophobic stepdad and she is the new Supreme. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Lesbian daughter has an epic solution to her homophobic stepdad who doesn’t let her drive

coming out moment

Gay guy slams his brother for ‘sabotaging’ his coming out moment by not acting surprised

Bridezilla kicked gay bridesmaid out of wedding to please anti-gay in-laws

Cowardly bridezilla kicked a gay bridesmaid out of her wedding party to appease her homophobic in-laws

Men are using bananas as self-fashioned sex toys and it's no side-splitting matter, warn doctors. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Men are masturbating with banana peels but at least they’re getting their five a day

Straight man eats his semen after masturbating as part of a 'magical' ritual

Straight man eats his own semen after masturbating as part of a ‘magical’ ritual

A guy hated when his girlfriend wore boxers to bed because it's "gay", showing just how strong and stable his masculinity is. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

This not-at-all fragile straight man thinks his girlfriend wearing boxers to bed makes him ‘gay’

Woman cuts contact with sister for keeping her baby's gender a secret

Straight woman cuts contact with her sister because she kept her own baby’s gender a secret. Yes, really

Gender reveal party

Woman boos loudly at gender reveal party with a twist because she isn’t happy with the outcome

Woman who poured wine over her aunt’s dress for saying her gay friends would ‘go to hell’ is the hero we need in 2020


This homophobe refuses to wash his genitals because he thinks touching his own penis is ‘gay’

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