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Turkey: Clothing giant bans rainbows, unicorns and LGBT iconography

Turkish clothing retail giant bans use of rainbows, unicorns and LGBT+ iconography in yet another pitiful anti-queer attack

Putin urged to ban rainbow ice cream over fears it promotes homosexuality

Vladimir Putin urged to ban delicious rainbow-coloured ice cream over fears it ‘promotes homosexuality’. Yes, really

British supermarket chain Marks & Spencers launched a "Rainbow Sale", the latest "rebranding" of the LGBT+ Pride flag. (Marks & Spencers)

Last year it was the LGBT sandwich, this year Marks & Spencer is spending Pride Month running a Rainbow Sale for the NHS

NHS Pride Flag

Petition demands an end to the ‘rebranding’ of the rainbow as an NHS flag and the ‘erasing of queer history’


Skittles gives up the rainbow to honour the LGBT+ community because ‘only one rainbow matters’ during Pride


Education bosses in Turkey order children to stop drawing rainbows in case they turn people gay

Queer museum staffer Sacha Coward broke down the semiotic history of the rainbow in a tidy 60 seconds. (Screen capture via Twitter)

The historical significance and symbolic meaning of the rainbow perfectly explained in under 60 seconds

Mumsnet user is angry kids are making rainbows in coronavirus isolation

This gay SNP MP has the sassiest put-down for anyone concerned about the coronavirus ‘rainbow crisis’

In a rare televised speech, Queen Elizabeth II addressed Britons shaken by the uncertainty of coronavirus. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

The Queen praised kids drawing rainbows during her historic address. The same rainbows transphobic mums are raging against

Linda Harvey rainbow flag

This woman tried to trademark the ‘sweet rainbow’ because the ‘gays had raped it’. Yes, really

An eBay seller listed a rainbow poppy and has received "vile and rude message" as a result. (Twitter)

This guy just made the most perfect point about the whole ‘gay poppy debate’

Straight woman’s rainbow luggage tag defaced with word ‘sodomite’ by baggage handler

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