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David Schwimmer Intelligence

Friends star David Schwimmer plays ‘racist, sexist, homophobic’ NSA agent in new comedy

jair bolsonaro homophobic

Brazilian football fans put aside fierce, century-old rivalry to protest ‘homophobic, racist’ president Jair Bolsonaro

Donald Trump holds an LGBT+ Pride flag

Calling Donald Trump homophobic is ‘as offensive as the n word’, claims ‘old-fashioned Democrat’. Yes, really

Piers Morgan Wife

Journalist who called trans healthcare ‘insanity’ thinks banning homophobia, racism and transphobia from Scrabble is ‘virtue signalling’

David Starkey.

Bigoted historian David Starkey dropped by publisher and loses coveted Cambridge title after ‘indefensible’ racist rant

Former Edmonton Eskimos players Christion Jones

Edmonton Eskimos football team, already embroiled in controversy over its name, just fired a player for homophobic comments

Alarming video footage shows the moment a homophobic and racist passenger scorned his Lyft driver after being asked to wear a mask. (Screen capture via YouTube)

Homophobic Lyft passenger threatens to crush ‘candy-ass f****t’ driver’s skull – all because he asked him to wear a mask

tiktok bans promotion of conversion therapy

TikTok Pride event shut down in minutes after homophobes and racists target LGBT+ creators with hate

Startling video showed a gang of far-right white-supremacists flashing Nazi salutes during a riot to defend a statue of Winston Churchill, who famously defeated the Nazis. (Screen capture via Twitter)

Far-right thugs caught on camera doing disturbing ‘Nazi salutes’ in front of Cenotaph war memorial

W Tyle Wizji host Krzysztof Feusette (L) and co-host Rafał Ziemkiewicz discussed BTS using, fans say, homophobic language. (Screen capture via Twitter/Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

BTS fans unleash fury after TV presenters make ‘extremely racist’ and homophobic jokes about boyband

National Action Miss Hitler

Miss Hitler beauty queen and ‘Granddaddy Terror’ fiancé jailed for membership of homophobic neo-Nazi terrorist organisation


Zoom adds new security measures to stop homophobes and racists from “zoombombing”

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