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interracial lesbian couple

An interracial lesbian couple visited a wedding venue. Its ‘racist homophobe’ owner told them ‘leave and never come back’

Amanda Stoker: Politician who says being gay is a choice is also anti-trans

Christian politician who thinks being gay is a ‘choice’ comes out as a ‘massive transphobe’, to the surprise of no one

Coomera Westfield shopping centre attack

Gay man and teen brother attacked by ‘bloodthirsty’ thugs in anti-gay attack at Westfield

Oil rig worker sues boss for sending nudes and saying he’ll ‘turn him gay’

Senator Ian Macdonald, who has repeatedly asked his Senate committee about gay parents, makes a point of order during the debate of the marriage equality bill in the Senate at Parliament House on November 29, 2017 in Canberra, Australia

Australian senator: Kids shouldn’t have to know gay parents exist

Bob Katter MP speaks on the steps of Parliament House on May 25, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.

Australian MP Bob Katter says being gay is ‘a fashion trend’

Woman found guilty of cutting off her bisexual boyfriend’s head and limbs before setting him on fire

Woman who dumped bisexual boyfriend’s remains and set them on fire: ‘I found him headless’

Australian gay couple called ‘stupid faggots’ and brutally beaten by gang

Gay and lesbian couples are happier than straight couples, new study reveals

Scientists have revealed why gay men are so attracted to beards

Queensland leader apologises for causing gay citizens ‘immeasurable pain’

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