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A child facing away from the camera, wearing an elephant backpack

NHS England to set up new independent review group to assess puberty blockers

Protect trans kids sign

Leading doctor wants you to know puberty blockers are ‘incredibly safe’ despite cruel Arkansas ban

Arkansas passes single most extreme anti-trans law targeting trans kids

Arkansas just passed the ‘single most extreme anti-trans law’ targeting healthcare for kids

Freddy McConnell trans man birth dad

Trans people in the UK are being crushed by relentless attacks from extremists. Where are our allies?

Sexual health worker filmed by transphobe Chris Elston

Chilling video sees young woman followed by man demanding she ‘educate’ him on trans healthcare

NHS wins right to appeal High Court ruling against puberty blockers

Trans kids think ‘the world hates them’ thanks to High Court’s cruel puberty blockers ruling

The BBC says Newsnight does not need to feature transgender people in coverage of trans issues

BBC says it’s fine for Newsnight to cover trans issues without talking to a single trans person

Puberty blockers 'reduce suicidal ideation' for trans teens, court hears

How did Britain become so transphobic? A brief history of government lies, media profit and trans suffering

Cop begs lawmakers not to make him put handcuffs on ‘hero’ doctors who helped his trans daughter

My trans kid had a joyful, anxiety-free girlhood – thanks to puberty blockers

My trans kid experienced a joyful, anxiety-free, remarkably typical girlhood – all thanks to puberty blockers

Protect trans kids sign

Puberty blockers literally make trans kids happier, landmark new study confirms

Judge refuses judicial review of trans-inclusive Equality Act guidance

Court allows three pro-trans groups to join NHS appeal against cruel puberty blockers ruling

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