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Harrowing footage seen by PinkNews shows Kakuma refugee camps sprinting as teargas engulfs them. Multiple nondescript bangs can be heard in the distance. (Screen capture via Facebook)

Queer refugees subjected to daily anti-LGBT+ violence say they were ‘teargassed and brutally assaulted’ by police while protesting their plight

Georgia Tbilisi

Trans woman sets herself on fire in Georgia’s capital to protest the country’s horrendous negligence during coronavirus

Dozens of LGBT+ people staged a defiant kiss-in after plaza security guards forced a gay couple to stop kissing in Mexico. (Israel Salazar/Twitter)

Queer couples stage kiss-in protest in shopping mall after security banned two gay men from holding hands

homophobic Trump supporter

These two women kissed in front of a ‘homophobic Trump supporter’ and it will make your day

Dozens protested outside a shopping centre in Reading, the site of the UK's first Chick-fil-A store. (Martin Cooper)

Drag Race’s Sum Ting Wong and around ‘150 protesters’ tell UK’s first Chick-fil-A to ‘sashay away’

France IVF PMA protest

Mass protests in France against IVF for single, lesbian and bisexual women

Thousands of members of the LGBTQ community gathered today for the Birmingham Pride parade on May 25, 2019, in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Protesters claim LGBT inclusive relationship education will teach infants about masturbation

Phillip Schofield slams LGBT education protester for ‘discriminating’

Phillip Schofield slams LGBT education protester for ‘discriminating’

Women holding banners at Swansea Pride

Lesbian anti-trans protestors disrupt Swansea Pride

Turkey: Clothing giant bans rainbows, unicorns and LGBT iconography

Same-sex couples in Colombia stage kiss-a-thon

An activist displays a rainbow flag in front of the Chancellery in Berlin on April 30, 2017, during a demonstration calling on Russian President to put an end to the Chechnya anti-gay purge.

Russian LGBT activists arrested in St.Petersburg Day of Silence protest

Mio Sugita refuses to apologise for homophobic comments.

Protesters demand Mio Sugita apologise for anti-LGBT comments

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